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Eligible users and groups

The current access rules are published on the SLING website.

Eligible HPC Vega users are required by these rules must apply for one of the four types of projects available on the SLING website.

Eligible HPC Vega user groups are groups that have guaranteed open access through the SLING infrastructure. These are:

  1. Individual users or users who are members of organizations, where users or organizations are entitled to use the ARNES network as individual users or as an organization in accordance with Criteria for determining the eligibility of connection of individual organizations to the ARNES network (adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia at its session on 26 July 2001) and the entitlement of individuals to individual access to the ARNES network, namely the users listed in section A and for users from section E, point 3, namely for ministries and organizations from the state administration.
  2. Members of research and development centers of companies in Slovenia or foreign companies majority of which is owned by Slovenian entities, but only for research and development purposes and not for the provision of services.
  3. Foreign researchers and members of academic institutions in applications corresponding to the applications of ARNES network beneficiaries under the first point, for activities within projects, research groups or research initiatives led by Slovenian members or having a significant number of members who are themselves beneficiaries of the first article.
  4. Members of major international scientific or research centers, infrastructures and communities upon confirmation and on the recommendation of their Slovenian members, when Slovenian members are beneficiaries under the first indent of this section or when Slovenia is an official member of this body or has a specific obligation to provide resources, or the allocation of resources is requested and mediated by the members of the entity who have secured the allocation in the context of use for urgent and strategic needs and the needs of the community (e.g. PRACE, various virtual organizations in the EGI, etc.).

Eligibility for access to the EuroHPC JU share is defined in EuroHPC Benchmark and Development Access: Information for Applicants.