Used resources

Users on Vega have the option of display usage when logging into the system. Usage is shown for the period of one day. You can check the total consumption of resources with the added consumption of the current day the next day.

Displaying the usage is not automatic. Every user should add the following line to their .bash_profile:



Add the line at the file:

echo "/ceph/hpc/bin/" >> ~/.bash_profile

Log out of the system and then log back in. The massage with usage appears:

              Report on spent resources for your projects until today
  user,account                       | CPU (core hours)   | GPU (core hours)   | Energy consumed     |
  username                           | 5345               | 353                | 0.21 kWh            |
  usergroup                          | 65434              | 43263              | 0.17 GWh            |


Available only for EuroHPC Users