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When a user is eligible to use HPC Vega they can get "cluster access" via Slurm or Nordugrid ARC. Vega only allows login with an SSH key, so your user's public SSH key must be generated on Linux/Mac or on Windows. Users should then upload the public key to the account on

For EuroHPC access, users will not be provided with a Fido account, so they should send the public SSH key to

If you are a Vega user with a SLING approved allocation, please upload the public part of your new SSH-key pair onto your account on the SLING Identity Managment server.

When accessing HPC Vega, several SSH Clients can be used for logging in to login nodes. For example, Linux/Mac users can connect from Linux/Mac terminal, Windows users can connect using Putty. Please refer to Troubleshooting tips if you have any issues when connecting to HPC Vega.

After a successful login, some useful shell command and several text editors can be used.

We also enable users to access the cluster through a web interface on the portal Open Ondemand. This makes it possible to access files on the cluster, upload them, submit and monitor jobs, and check their status in the queue.

For file management several mount points are provided. For transferring files, please refer to section Transfer files.

Software section is divided to Modules, Containers, CernVM-FS, X-forwarding, and Build an Compile sections. For more information, please refer to the corresponding section.

For Job Submission, please refer to Slurm Basics and obtain Slurm partitions information. After Submitting Jobs in Slurm, jobs can be managed with Job management.

NorduGrid-ARC job submission and management is explained in a separate section.